In 2002 the Lord opened my eyes and began giving me visions. Some were subtle, others were quite intense. Since then, God has blessed me with hundreds of dreams, visions and encounters. Over the years I've shared them with a few close friends and in a handful of church gatherings. Friends have encouraged me to find a way to share these experiences in a broader way, but, I've been reluctant to do so. I've held the majority in my heart, waiting for the right time and way to release them. Recently a dear friend suggested that I start sharing them online, I felt life on her words, it felt like this was the right time and format. 

As I begin, let me make something clear, God does not give me visions because I'm good. He gives me visions because He's good. God does not give me visions because I'm special. He gives me visions because He's absolutely extraordinary.

I hope you are encouraged and inspired. 

  • The Baseball Vision


    This experience took place on Saturday evening, October 31, 2004 in Kansas City, Mo. I was attending the “Living Under an Open Heaven” conference sponsored by WhiteDove Ministries. The conference speakers were Bob Jones, Paul Keith Davis, John Paul Jackson, Bobby Conner and Shawn Bolz. This was the final of seven sessions.

    Paul Keith Davis, Bob Jones and Shawn Bolz spoke and ministered to the crowd of approximately 2000 people. As Bob ministered to us I experienced a profound ache in both of my thumbs. Later Shawn declared that there was an open heaven in the room. He told us to stop striving and just focus on the Lord. As I followed Shawn’s instructions I experienced a supernatural peace sweep over me. It was almost as if I was alone in the room.

    The Gate

    In this peaceful state I begin to see a gate. It’s an old gate, ornate and metal with vines and plants about it. As I stood there the gate slowly swings open before me. The gate opened inward from right to left and I proceeded forward. I don’t recall actually walking but I did move forward... See More

  • Meeting Wisdom and Revelation

    The following experience took place on my 30th anniversary as a Christian. I gave my life to Christ during the fifth week of a “Life in the Spirit Seminar” at Good Shepherd prayer group in Brooklyn, NY on July 1st, 1976. I was 16 years old. In the years to come, this would be one of a few special dates for spiritual experiences and visions.

    A few weeks prior to this experience I was just going abut my day, alone at the church when suddenly two HUGE, winged heavenly beings appeared to me. One on my right, the other on my left. They were as big as football players. The one on my right had long blond hair with piercing, crystal clear, blue eyes. The one on my left could have been his twin, except he had long auburn-red hair with the most amazing green eyes... See More

  • Visiting the Throne Room Vision

    This extremely powerful experience took place on October 19, 2006 . I was alone n the house, sitting at our kitchen table praying when I sensed a great and powerful light behind me and to my right. I see sparks, sparkles of light like floating embers from a fireplace wafting up over my right shoulder.


    As I turn slowly to my right, I’m fearful yet curious. At a great distance I see what I believe is the throne. But it is barely discernible, like viewing a star at night with the naked eye.

    Suddenly and without warning Wisdom and Revelation snatch me up underneath each arm and begin to march me toward the throne at a hurried pace... See More

  • 40 Visions in 40 Days

    In 2008 I was pastoring a church in Kennewick, WA when a handful of local churches agreed to begin the year with 40 days of prayers and fasting. Our heart's cry was for the manifest presence of God in our city. It was an amazing and powerful time. 

    Near the end of the 40 days, I sensed the Lord speak to my heart in a soft and subtle way, saying: "I will give you 40 visions in 40 days." These visions began on February 11th, 2008. 

    As I begin to share these, I will, from time to time couple a few together for easier reading. Today's installment is from February 11th, 12th and 13th, of 2008.


    I felt like I’ve just entered a deeper realm of the Spirit. I see myself crossing the completed section of a bridge that's being repaired and I reach the other side... See More

  • Elevator to Hell

    I received this vision on February 19 and 20, 2008. It begins a series of experiences in The Hotel Lobby. But first I took an elevator to Hell with Jesus.


    I see a garden in full bloom. There is life everywhere, bright colors and beautifully fragrant aromas. I seem to know that it represents my church. Things have come to their fullness (full bloom) my work here is complete. I turn around and see the garden’s gate about twelve feet away. It opens even before I get to it. I see a big city outside the gate, almost like one of those vacant lot gardens where I grew up in NYC... See More

  • The Hotel Lobby

    I received this vision on February 21, 2008.

    We are in the elevator and we begin to ascend, stopping back at the main lobby. I know that I need to speak to the person at the counter and to the man sitting by the fireplace. I want to talk to the man by the fire place but I seem to know that proper protocol is to go to the counter first. The person behind the counter asks:... See More

  • Training in Righteousness

    These visions took place on February 23-24, 2008. In them I reference some earlier yet unshared experiences with other Heavenly beings.


    I can see myself sitting in the chair recently occupied by the healing evangelist’s angel, I’m facing the fireplace and leaning forward with my hands on my knees looking directly into the fire. Although my gaze if fixed on this fire I’m suddenly aware that there are many other people (heavenly beings?) in this lobby... See More

  • Vision of Eden

    These visions took place on February 25-26, 2008.

    I’m in a different place this morning. I see the same type of heavy fruit laden trees I saw in yesterday morning’s church service. I can’t help wondering if this is a vision in a vision? I was in the back of the limousine with the Officer of Righteousness and he laid his hand on my head, now I’m here… and just where or what is here? See More

  • Tractor Trailer Vision

    OK, so I see myself in a white pickup truck. Jesus is in the passenger seat next to me. We seem to be stopped at a red light on the corner of Road 68 and Burden Blvd, in Pasco, WA. I look over at Jesus and think it’s strange that I’m the one driving and how I don’t want to drive, I want him to drive.

    Without a word he opens the passenger’s side door gets out, walks around the front of the pickup and open’s the driver’s side door. I slide across the seat to the passenger’s side and Jesus gets in behind the wheel. See More

  • Vision of Creation

    I’m with God moments after Creation. I’m in the heavens high above the Earth. Right after God has said “let the be light” and before he separated light from darkness.

    I’m struck with realization that:

    • From the beginning he set light apart from darkness.
    • Throughout life He sets apart light from darkness.
    • And at death he sets apart light from darkness. See More

  • Stripping the Land

    I can feel the presence of the Lord in the room. It feels heavy and intense right behind me. I’ve removed my shoes. This is holy ground. I can feel a tingling in the bottom of my feet. 

    In the Spirit, I see the mid-section and hands of a runner grabbing a ribbon as he crosses the finish line of a race. He breaks the ribbon in half. Holding one piece in each hand, he pulls hard. Buildings on either side of the street, attached to the ribbon, come down. It’s a complete collapse. There is a domino effect, buildings on both sides start collapsing. See More

  • Meeting Love

    We walk to my right; beside a window is a beautiful woman - a strikingly beautiful woman. She seems both young and wise at the same time. She possesses both the beauty of youth and the wisdom of age. So much so, that I can’t tell how old she might be. She’s standing by an open window with a vacant chair, that I didn’t notice yesterday, beside her... See More

  • The Father's Heart

    I’m back in the hotel lobby standing by the window with Love, Truth and Righteousness. Righteousness has come to introduce me to the others in the Lobby. All three are standing silently, as if waiting for me to speak first, so I do. Turning to Righteousness I say:

    “Since I was here last, I have been consumed with thoughts of Love. I will go with you. I’ll go anywhere the Father sends me, but I was wondering if I could stay with Love a while longer?” See More

  • Lessons from the Lobby

    I see myself flying on the Lion’s back until we come in for a landing back at the lobby entrance. As we enter the lobby, the Lion has transformed back into the beautiful woman, Love. As we enter the lobby through the front door, I have Love on my right arm. I can see that the lobby is filled with many people now, many more than I had noticed earlier. All seem to be adults, both men and women all dressed very nicely in evening wear. Love leans over and whispers in my right ear... See More

  • Circles in The Lobby

    Quickly I’m in the Spirit and back in the Lobby. The room is filled with “people” and buzzing with activity, almost a party atmosphere but not quite. More like a very nice sophisticated cocktail party before a fine dinner.

    The excitement is about the guest of honor - the Lord. He would be arriving soon to make an announcement. There are many people that I would like to speak with, but I seem to understand that introductions are required. It’s a protocol thing. So, I mill about watching and waiting. For the first time, I see multiple doors around the perimeter of the room and wonder what they are for and where they lead... See More

  • The Second Floor

    I’m still in the Lobby. A bellhop approaches me and asks me to come with him. He says, “You have an important meeting. Please come with me.” Without a word, I follow him.

    As I walk through the Lobby behind the bellhop, I notice that it has returned to its “normal” pace and there appears to be fewer people here today.

    To my surprise and delight, we enter the elevator. Jesus is in there and pushes the button for the second floor. In what feels like an instant we are there. The doors open and I walk out. I’m by myself now. I see two doors before me. Two doors on the second floor... See More

  • Meeting Favor and Humility

    I’m back in the Spirit. I’m alone in the second-floor hallway, when the bellhop reappears and walks up to me. For the first time, I notice and read the golden name plate on the front of his left shoulder, in capital letters it spells out: “FAVOR.”

    Favor looks me in the eye says, “Please follow me.” and I do. We step back into the elevator for what feels like a nano second. The next thing I know, we’re now on the third floor... See More

  • Europe Calling

    We’ve entered the Lobby and I see many people, all busy talking with one another. I can sense that Favor and Humility are near, but I can’t see them. There’s a couch in front of me, slightly to my left, and it’s positioned in front of the fireplace beside the overstuffed chair. I feel drawn to it and take a seat on the far-right side - the side closest to the chair.

    Looking around I notice, what a beautiful room this is. There is exquisite, finely worked wood trim around the fireplace, the door frames, and throughout the room. Gold accents highlight masterful plaster work on the walls and ceiling. For the first time I take note of the masterpiece level art work, adorning the walls throughout this room. Looking more closely, I can see motion and realize that the art work is alive. See More

  • The Bank

    It’s raining eggs in the lobby. White droplets the size of eggs are raining down. When they hit the floor, they open. The outer shell disintegrates and leaves behind a golden liquid. Quickly the room is filling up with this golden fluid. It’s lighter than oil and beautifully fragrant. It’s quickly up to my neck and over my head.

    There’s no fear. I can breathe in this new atmosphere though it does make everything look funny - that underwater flowing kind of image but, with a bright golden tint... See More

  • Room 405

    I’m still in the white place, the one without definition or dimension. Jesus is with me. We’re walking together, hand in hand, my right in his left.

    This feels good, so very good and peaceful. As we walk, I see wings forming behind my shoulder, large, back grey and white Eagles wings.

    After a few steps we take flight and it’s exhilarating! The dimensionless white gives way to the breathtaking beauty of God creation. I see majestic trees and stunning mountain ranges. We go higher and I see lakes, rivers and oceans. Odd that I don’t see cities or people. See More

  • Door to Asia

    I’m still sitting in the overstuffed chair by the fireplace in the Lobby. I can feel Wisdom and Revelation beside me. Favor approaches and says, “Please come with me.” I get up and follow him toward the door marked Asia. “Will we need to take anyone else with us?” I ask. Without turning around Favor replies, “We have everything we need.” I turn to see an army of heavenly beings behind me... See More

  • Meeting Grace

    I can feel the hand of the Lord in mine. I can see myself as a little boy, maybe five years old, walking down the street holding Daddy’s hand. I’m wearing a little suit with a jacket or overcoat. It’s fairly restrictive as I reach up my little right hand to grasp his. My attire makes me wonder if we’re headed to church or maybe to school... See More

  • First Nations Vision

    I can feel the Lord wrapping himself around me from behind, like a warm blanket. I can see a blanket draped around me - it’s a Pendleton Blanket. A First Nations Pendleton Blanket. With the warmth comes insight.

    In the Spirit, I see a circle of First Nation’s men sitting around a fire passing a peace pipe. I’m sitting with them. I’m welcomed among them, included, and considered a brother. I’m genuinely loved and accepted by them... See More

  • Friendship with God

    I can feel the Spirit of God rest on me… as if to say, “Enough time in the realm of the mind, now come to the Spirit.”

    I’m still sitting in the lobby, the same chair as yesterday. Wisdom and Revelation are back beside me. For the first time, I recognize a new door. This one isn’t easy to see, its back around the end of the check in counter and down a small hallway to the left of the elevators.

    I walk over to the wooden door. It looks very much like the solid wood doors labeled with the continents, but this door is labeled... See More

  • Reentering the Asian Door

    I see myself back in the Lobby, actually walking out of the elevator and into the Lobby. Favor greets me saying, “We’re going back to Asia, let’s go.” I look around and notice that there aren’t any other heavenly beings nearby (they are in the room, just not nearby) so I ask, “Who’s going with us?” His answer both surprises and delights me, “Nadine.” He says. I turn to my right and see Nadine standing there looking as radiant and beautiful as I’ve never seen her with such a BIG a smile on her face... See More

  • The Library

    I’m in a new place. It has a beautiful fireplace like the Lobby, but this isn’t the Lobby. It’s a private place, not a public place. There are two beautiful leather and dark wood chairs side by side basking in the glow of the fire’s warmth. I sit down in the chair closest to me and instantly I feel peace begin to settle in. The warmth of the fire feels like the Presence of the Lord. The dancing flames with their flickering embers are mesmerizing. I easily lose myself in them... See More

  • New Eyes

    I’m back in the Lobby. It’s filled with people and there is a party going on. It looks and feels like a surprise birthday party or a New Year’s celebration. This celebration is for me. They’re celebrating the 40th day. People are shaking my hand, patting me on the back, smiling, and offering words of encouragement… See More

  • Naked in the Pulpit

    I see stained glass, a diamond pattern on a larger piece with a circle of clear glass in its center. The diamond pattern has primarily four colors: red, blue, yellow and green. The colors shift and move about.

    Stepping back, I see the rest of the window, it’s tall and narrow, circular at the top. I’m inside what I think is an older church building. I’m standing at the front of the sanctuary facing the wall on the right. There’s a long row of stained-glass windows on each side wall. Except for the light coming in through the windows, it’s pretty dark in here. There isn’t much light at all. The walls and floor are hard, made of some type of stone... See More